So you've decided that you want to take a plunge into the exciting world of learning how to code. PHP

Imagine the Possibilities this Will Bring to You!

Learning a programming language can open a lot of new doors for you. Maybe you want to find a new job, get promoted or you just want to learn a new skill. There's no shortage of programming languages available and it hasn't been easier to learn one than now. With the internet and some spare time, anyone can learn a new programming language, or catch up on some new skills.

Decide Which Language You Want to Learn.

Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, MYSQL.........which one to choose? My first bit of advice to help anyone wanting to learn a new programming language, is to figure out what do you want your code to do? Do want to build apps, databases or scripts? Do some research and see what language most appeals to you and why you are wanting to learn it. This little step will help you narrow down the massive list of programming languages out there.

Make A Commiment and Stick to It!

Once you've decided on what language you want to learn, now you need to commit to learning it. This can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. Make sure to set aside enough time each day to allow you to really dig in and learn. Programming languages can be complex and sometimes a nightmare to figure out where your coding is bad or what is causing you problems.

Ask for Help When You Need It.

Don't be afraid to ask for help! There is a huge community of people that code in every programming language. Many of these people volunteer on the side to help people that are learning how to program or are having problems. Chances are that what ever issue you are having, someone out has encountered the same one or a similar one and may have the solution you are looking for.

Don't Get Discouraged!

Don't give up! Learning to code in any programming language takes a lot of time, effort and energy. This isn't something that can happen in a few hours, days or sometimes weeks. Allow yourself a reasonable amount of time to not only learn this new skill, but to be able to trouble shoot, and hopefully be able to write your own programs from scratch!

Great Resources to Help You Get Started.

Here's some links to some great sites that can teach you how to code in mulitiple languages. Some of these are paid and some are free. Check them out for yourselves! Good luck coding!

Keep Searching............................

Remember these aren't the only sites out there that can teach you how to write code. Do some research as there are many, many more out there.

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