Malware May Become Non-Existent! The internet may actually become safe for everyone! This may sound impossible but thanks to one company it may become reality in the near future.Computer Virus

The days of technology being threatened by malware, viruses and other digitial threats may be drawing to an end thanks to an endevour being undertaken by Menlo Security. This company uses a very different approach to ensure that their clients digital technology stays safe from viruses, malware and hackers.

Almost all security vendors out there approach dealing with malware, viruses and keeping technology safe with the same age old approach. They help detect the infection and find a way to remove it. This isn't alway's the best way. Menlo will utilize the cloud to keep malicous programs, viruses and hackers from ever getting access to your digital devices.

Basically when you enter a websites address in your browser address bar, Menlo will make a copy of that website in the cloud in a virtual container, then they will send a mirrored and clean copy to your browser. This way any malicous code, virus, and malware of any kind will be trapped in the virtual container and will never be able to find it's way to your computer, tablet or phone.

Sound to good to be true? Follow the link below to read the full story.

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