The old ways of monitoring temperature and humidity, are now a thing of the past!Old way vs New Way Tempi

Temperature and humidity are two things that are vital to a lot of industries. Having the ability to accurately monitor these, with pinpoint accuracy, is a huge advantage. The old way of using thermometers, gauges or other devices, with widely varying degrees of accuracy, are no more. Thanks to a small device that's going to revolutionize the way we monitor humidity and temperature.

Hand Holding Tempi

Meet Tempi. Tempi is a tiny Bluetooth device that enables you to accurately track, monitor and chart temperature and humidity, for up to nine different locations. 

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Tempi is wearable. Just clip it and forget it, as you go about exploring your environment. Pair it with your smart phone to keep track of the temperature and humidity data collected from your environment. Tempi uses a small coin sized battery and can stay charged for up to nine months!

Wearable Tempi

Tempi is versatile. It can be utilized in a variety of different situations. Tempi can be used to monitor the temperature of your baby's room, the temperature and humidity of your wine cellar, to keep an eye on the temperature in a server room and many more. The possibilities  of using this device, are endless. 

Tempi is currently accepting sign ups for the pre launch of this amazing product. By signing up now you will receive an early invitation and a special price, that is reserved for people joining this pre-launch event! You can sign up for the exciting opportunity to do so, here.

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