Looking for an alternative email client to Outlook or Thunderbird? Look no further.

I dislike Outlook for it's very outdated look and feel. I don't really like thunderbird much better. I wanted an alternative that not only looked great, but functioned great and didn't compromise my security while doing so.

Then I found Inky. Inky is a cloud based service, which is great if you get a new computer or if you have several computers at different places. You create an account, add your email accounts, your information, and then your done. All of your email inboxes are displayed in one spot for you. Currently Inky is avaiable for Windows and Mac and is entirely 100% free, which also makes it an attractive alternative from other desktop email clients. If you're interested then you should definitely check them out and give them a try, here's their homepage:


Inky Inbox

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