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Fall has arrived! The leaves are changing color and the temperature outside continues to drop. Halloween is right around the corner. Time for visiting haunted houses, trick or treating and maybe even doing some ghost hunting of your own. As technology continues to advance, it is revealing more and more evidence that there may be more to those stories, of things that go "bump in the night". I'm going to look at some of the technology that is employed by paranormal researchers in the field.

Audio Recording Devices

Digital Recorder

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Digital audio recorders are an essential tool for any paranormal researcher. These are used to try and capture EVP sessions. EVP stands for electronic voice phenomenon and is believed to be the disembodied voices of spirits that are captured on the recording device. Often times, these voices aren't heard by the participants of the EVP session but are later discovered to have been recorded by their audio recording devices. If you want to hear some good EVPs that have been captured during paranormal investigations, you can do so here.

Spirit Boxes

Spirit Box

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Spirit or ghost boxes, are seen being used sometimes in an attempt to make contact with spirits and to catch EVPs. These "Spirit Boxes" randomly scan the AM and FM frequencies in a loop. Since spirits are believed to be able to manipulate energy, it is believed they can use energy to interact with these devices and actually "speak" through them. The accuracy of the results from these is something that is often debated. Just like any other radio out there, spirit boxes pick up a lot of interference. This may present people with what they believe is an other worldly communication, when in fact it may not be. There is some evidence that they can and have actually picked up voices, that haven't been so easily debunked. If you want to listen to what a spirit box reply sounds like, you can find some good ones here.

EMF Detector

EMF Detector

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What the heck is an EMF meter? EMF is an acronym for Electromagnetic Field. Electrically charged objects produce an EMF.  An EMF meter measures these electromagnetic fields. So, why use an EMF detector to search for ghosts? Spirits are thought to be able to create electromagnetic fields, or to be able to disturb ones that are already present. So most paranormal researchers believe that any changes detected by an EMF meter, are signs of spiritual activity. An excellent and really in depth explanation of the use of EMF detectors, in the field of paranormal research, can be found here. Every paranormal researcher on the planet, has some form of EMF meter in their arsenal of detection equipment.

Thermal Detection Equipment


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People often report encountering cold spots when they believe they have had a ghostly encounter. It is a widely held belief, that this is a definitive sign of a supernatural presence. It is thought to be an effect created when spirits materialize, due to them pulling the thermal energy out of that area and using it to manifest. Fluctuations in temperature are used as an indicator of spiritual activity, especially abnormal drops in the temperature of a certain area as compared to the surrounding area.  Flir cameras are used to observe this, as well as digital thermometers, and infrared laser thermometers.

Motion Detectors

Motion Detector

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Motion detectors are also used in paranormal investigation, in several different ways. They can be deployed and set up to sound an alarm when triggered. This way, researchers will know immediately if something is happening in that area and can go there to investigate. Motion detectors are also used in tandem with recording equipment, such a video cameras and audio recorders. If something sets off the motion detectors, it automatically triggers the recording equipment to begin recording.

Video Cameras

Video Camera

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video must be priceless. The holy grail of ghost hunting, is to be able to catch a ghostly presence on video. EVP's and still photos are great evidence, but an actual video recording of spiritual activity is much better. So, video cameras are a crucial component to any paranormal research team. 

This list is a decent list, but it is far from being exhaustive. I'm sure there are plenty more devices out there being used in the field of paranormal research. I just thought I would show you some of the more common technologies being used and how they are used. So what do you think? Feel free to comment below. Happy hunting!

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