Nothing is worse than getting back home or to the office and realizing that you've left your phone or laptop sitting at the table at Starbucks or worse.....somebody has stolen it.PC Security

We live in a very busy world, people are constantly on the move and with them is their technology. We pack our phones, tablet's, laptops and other technology with us everywhere. We couldn't survive without them throughout our busy day to day lives. So it should be second nature to have some form of security on them, at least a way to track them down if they ever are lost or worse stolen. Here are the top 3 services that can help you recover your lost or stolen mobile technology.

1.) Prey


(image courtesy of prey project)

The Prey Project was founded in 2009 with the objective in mind to not just help thwart the growing number of mobile device theft but to also allow a way for the consumer to recover their device(s). Prey is cross platform operational, meaning it will work on any Operating system and it is now available in the Google Play and the App store. Prey offers an impressive assortment of tools at your disposal to help you find your lost or stolen device. 

  • Track your lost/stolen device by GPS or Wi-Fi positioning and displays it location on a map.
  • Remotely lock your device.
  • Remotely wipe your devices hard drive.
  • Change your passwords.
  • Send a message to your device.
  • Sound an alarm on your device.
  • Take a screen shot of your devices screen.
  • Use your webcam/camera to take a snapshot of the perpetrator using your device.
  • Keep you update with reports the whole time.

I really like the Prey Project for the simple fact that they offer a free version, which unlike their many competitors, it isn't a trial that when it ends your services are suspended until you upgrade to their premium version. Now the free version isn't as impressive as the premium version but I think for some people it offers the perfect level of protection for them. Also most people don't feel really comfortable paying for services they may or may not ever use, especially if they've never had any of their technology lost/stolen.
If your interested in the Prey Project, then you can check them out here: The Prey Project

2.) LoJack


(image courtesy of lojack)

LoJack is a software product of the Absolute Software Corporation. According to the LoJack website(, "Absolute Software Corporation (TSX: ABT) is the industry standard in persistent endpoint security and management for computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The Company, a leader in device security and management tracking for 20 years, has Absolute persistence technology embedded in the firmware of computers, tablets and smartphones by global industry leaders. For more information about Absolute, visit"(Absolute) 

LoJack offers many of the same services as the Prey Project does. These include:

  • Locate your device via GPS, Wi-Fi positioning or IP Geolocation.
  • Remotely lock your device.
  • Remotely delete data from your device.
  • Device Recovery.

Unlike the Prey Project, LoJack actually guarantees that if you don't recover your stolen device within 60 days, then they will help you pay for a replacement. Sound's pretty nice at least. However their methods of operation are very different from the Prey Project. The Prey Project put's you in the driver seat enabling to act quickly, as when technology is stolen or lost, time is everything. The longer it's gone, the slimmer your chances of recovering it become. With the Prey Project you are 100% in control, with LoJack things are bit different. Here's a breakdown of how Lojack work's.

  • You contact the local police and Absolute Software.
  • Their "Absolute Investigations Team", gathers information about the stolen device.
  • The Absolute Investigations Team submits the information about the suspected user and device information they've gathered to the local police.
  • The Investigations Team works with local law enforcement to help recover your device.

Now I don't know if you've ever had to file any kind of report with your local law enforcement but it takes forever. This is just due to the fact that many local law enforcement agencies are very busy. I don't see them jumping on a reported theft of a laptop or a cell phone. So I would suspect that the actual recovery process would be much, much longer than most people probably assume.  They are offering a 30 day trial so you can preview their services before you have to pay for them. You can find LoJack on the Google Play Store, the App store and of course here: LoJack.

3.) Gadget Trak

Gadget Trak

(image courtesy of gadget trak)

Gadget Trak is another option if Project Prey or LoJack don't appeal to you. According to their website, "Since GadgetTrak was founded in 2007 we have been tracking down stolen devices for our customers and protecting their data with our innovative and patented tracking and data protection technology. We are the first and only cross-platform software that tracks the location of devices using Wi-Fi networks combined with web camera captures of thieves."( Now I can't prove if they were the first to use Wi-Fi and webcams with their software, but with the above two examples I think I just disproved that they are the only cross-platform software using these methods. 

Gadget Trak offer's many of the same service's as the Prey Project and LoJack. These include:

  • Device location via Wi-Fi positioning.
  • Webcam Snapshots.
  • Erasing the devices data.
  • Reports emailed to you.

There's no mention of how their services work on their website or anywhere that I can find. I'm assuming this means they are modeled similar to LoJack, they work with local law enforcement and supply them with the information to help them track down and recover your lost/stolen devices. They offer a 30 day trial of their services, so you can try them before you have to buy them. You can find Gadget Trak on the Google Play Store, the App Store and here Gadget Trak.

So what do you think? Do you know of other service providers similar to these? If so feel free to comment and let me know or share your thoughts or opinions on this article.
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