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As technology continues to advance, so does our demand on it. There is a need for an enormous amount of people with the right skills to keep all of this technology and it's services up and running. Writing software, "coding", is quickly becomming an very high in demand job. The demand is so high that all of the positions it requires can't be filled. Learning to write software code isn't the easiest thing to do. What if you could teach your children the fundamentals of programming while they played a game? Well now you can do just that!

Coder Bunnyz Story- How it All Began.

They say that necessity is the mother of all inventions and that's exactly how Coder Bunnyz found it's way into the world as well. Samaira is a bright and very talented 2nd graded who attends school at Millikin Elementary School in Silicon Valley, California. She loves to play board games and to code. One day she decided that she wanted to combine the two so she could teach other children to code but have fun at the same time. That's when she decided to invent Coder Bunnyz, a board game that teaches young children the concepts of programming as they play.

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The great folks behind CoderBunnyz have kindly shared their story with me and have given me all the details about this game and the amazing little entrepreneur behind it all.

What is CoderBunnyz ?

Coding is becoming an important part of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) learning. CoderBunnyz, helps in STEM by teaching all of the logic of basic programming and coding under the guise of the playful board game. Within no time kids will learn coding fundamentals (basic and advanced) while having family fun. Turns out all programming language like Scratch, Python and Java use the same concepts. So once a kid learn fundamentals, it makes much easier for them to learn any coding language.

Who created CoderBunnyz?

CoderBunnyz is created by a kid, for kids. Samaira, the 8 year old inventor girl mixed her love for board game and passion for coding to create CoderBunnyz. She is spreading her love for coding by conducting workshops at libraries and tech events in Silicon Valley. She has done over 20 workshops teaching over 500 kids.


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How does CoderBunnyz teach coding and algorithms?

Simple. Kids roll the dice and pick up CoderBunnyz code cards to help bunny reach the destination.
Advance level kids also observe and write their algorithms after the game. In the process they learn
fundamentals of coding including sequencing, conditional, loop, iterations, functions, debugging and more.

Why board game, when there are phones and tablets?

Spending time with family is important to CoderBunnyz creator Samaira. “Instead of making [it] on a digital device, I thought to make it a board game and family fun… I’m trying to make young kids excited about coding but not exactly getting on the computer and doing coding, by playing my board game” – Samaira"

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Want to learn more about CoderBunnyz or how to schedule a workshop with Samaira? Checkout their website CoderBunnyz.

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