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Long story short, about a year ago I purchase a dual, Sata HDD dock made by and was very pleased with it. Today as I was working on another computer, I went to plug in my power adapter for my HDD dock and the pins on the male side of the adapter broke off!!! I was so frustrated at this point. I fired up my other machine and after about 30 minutes of searching for a replacement part I gave up, simply because I didn't want to spend another $75-80, when all I needed was a part that probably was only worth a few bucks. I accepted defeat and retreated back upstairs and resumed working on my other computer that was having issues booting into Windows.

My wife, being the brains of the operation, called the customer service number for Startech, within minutes they had a new power adapter set up to be mailed out to us for free. The customer service representatives were extremely nice, knowledgable and acted like they wanted to help. If you have ever dealt with a company that has terrible customer service like I have, then you can see how this came as a total shock. Three days later and my power supply is here. I'm a life long customer now that will always recommend their products.

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