Tired of having to manually update your social media networks every time you create a new post? Social Media Icons

If you are managing several social media networks, it can be a huge hassle and waste of time to have to manually update each one of them. If only there were some way to automatically update all of your social media networks at once. Well there are several services that actually offer you the ability to do just that. Here's a few: Argyle Social, Buffer, Dlvr.it, HootSuite, and many others. I'm going to focus on the one that I really like, Onlywire. 

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OnlyWire allows you to be able to update all of your social media networks, at the same time. Amazing. You set it up to syndicate from your website or blog's RSS feed, and it will automatically keep all of your social media networks up to date with your website or blog posts. I love this service, make's my life so much easier. 

Only Wire RSS

Onlywire also allows you to have up to 50 networks connected to your account. Someof these include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and many more. This way you can be sure that all of your social media networks stay current with the latest news and posts from your website or blog.

Only Wire Networks

Onlywire keeps track of all post's, you can schedule them at certain date's and times as well. Another cool feature of Onlywire is that they let you choose between two different types of posts. One's called a "Bookmark" post,  when you post a new blog post you would choose this type of post. It has your posts url, title and information within it. The second type of post is called a "Status" post. This is for your social media networks that allow for status updates, like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Onlywire Posts

Onlywire is an awesome tool that can really simplify your life by managing all of your social media updates. Now all of your followers and viewers can always get the latest posts and news from your website or blog the second you post it. 

Onlywire also offer's monitoring services, analytic's and more. You can sign up now for free and connect up to 5 of your social networks to start out with. 

Sound interesting? Check out onlywire at www.onlywire.com.

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