Don’t we all love well designed logos! But logos with hidden messages are loved even more! The idea of discovering interesting messages hidden in a mask of creativity has always excited designers and art lovers. Remember the WOW moment when you discovered the FedEx logo’s hidden arrow? That’s the kind of strong impact that a successful logo design must invoke.

Newbie designers are often asked to study hidden messages in a logo design as these define the true objective of a logo design – integrating business philosophy in a limited space in the most simple, memorable, yet creative manner possible. Logo design surely isn’t an easy profession!

While searching for inspiration, our logo designers came across several interesting logo designs with creative messages. Given below is a compilation of some of the best logo designs with hidden messages. We call them design masterpieces. What do you think?


Baskin Robbins Logo

Ever looked closely at the Baskin-Robbins logo design? Do you see the hidden, “31” number creatively placed between, “B” and “R”? In 1953, Baskin-Robbins introduced itself in the ice cream market with 31 different flavors. The company highlighted the unique feature of 31 different flavors for 31 days of the month in its logo design. That’s what we call smart creativity!

Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems Logo

Can you find the letter “S” in the Sun Microsystems logo? No…even we could not! The company has a creative ambigram that spells the word “SUN” without the letter “s”. What caught our attention is the perfect alignment of u’s and n’s created in a symmetry. It is surely a clever way to incorporate your brand name in the logo.


Tostidos Logo

Tostitos definitely have hit the mark of creative designing with its hidden message logo. It has innovative, typographic logo that subtly communicates the message of togetherness and sociability. Enjoying spicy, Mexican tortilla chips at a table is beautifully hidden in this creative typographic logo.


LG Logo

To us, LG logo is a Pac-man that we all loved to play in our childhood. Do you know the logo itself stand for happiness and friendliness that the Pac-man game used to evoke! However, the LG Pac-man logo is translation of LG’s brand philosophy. The company ensures contentment that people would enjoy while using its electronic appliances.

Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box Logo

Like every American, we love tacos! Why Jack in the box caught our attention is its hidden taco in the letter “o” and “x”. You know what some even call it the Jesus fish- Ichthys.

Well, art is all about discovering and talented designers like us are always on the hunt on deciphering the hidden meanings and messages in the logos.

This article has been written by Jacqueline Lemar who currently works as a Senior Graphic Artist at Logo Crust, a logo design company that excels at creating quality logos, web designs and other designing services. Jacqueline also takes keen interest in the study of evolution of logo designs and their impact on overall brand persona.

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William Melton 3 years, 10 months ago

Accomplished designers have to work to design a logo and this takes work. To design a logo, you need to invest time and effort. It is not equivalent to just playing on the computer for a few hours.

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